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This is for daily transactions and business operations.  General and basic transactions that occur from sales or expenses on a regular basis.  My firm wil verify and track these in order to confirm that each item will go to the correct account.

Tax Planning

Preparing for taxes can be a nightmare and complex.  My firm will assist with the Year End documents are prepared and ready for filing taxes removing this headache causing and tedious work into capable hands and make it easier for a tax professional to spend less time on your business.

Bank Reconciliation

Every month my firm will be able to verify the activity between business bank account and the books for business to make sure every item is included and providing the month end financial documents such as Profit and Loss statement.

Individual Consultation

My firm will conduct a free consultation for review of bank account and business as well as getting to know one another.  My firm cares not just about the your business, but the individuals of the business.  My clients become friends and family.

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